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Can we really help you? 

The short answer is Yes

High Peak works in many types of investing.  We work in rental properties, rehabbing houses, building new homes, and work with builders giving us the ability to take on multi lot properties and small subdivisions. 

Single family homes, duplexes and other multifamily dwellings, commercially zoned properties, manufactured homes, and even mobile homes in parks are all of interest to us.  We’ve worked with apartment complexes, rental portfolios, and mobile home parks. 

We also have three licensed brokers on the team, so if we aren’t the right buyer for you, we can help you list your property – either through one of our team members or one of the dozens of other top agents we have relationships with throughout Oregon and Washington. 

In short, we’ve got you covered!


Why High Peak?


We truly believe in service – it’s even a core company value.  Our reputation satisfying homeowners – even if we’re not the right solution – speaks for itself. 

We get creative.  We’re truly here to help.  From paying back taxes to stave off foreclosure BEFORE buying the property, to negotiating with debt collectors, to moving homeowners, taking on challenging tenants, and helping sellers find their new home, we help in any way that we can. 

You don’t need to do anything to the property.  We buy in true “As-Is” condition – you don’t need to anything to the house or make a single repair. 

You don’t even need to clean the house!  We have our own house cleaning folks who can remove all the personal items you don’t want to take.  And yes, that even means rooms packed to the ceiling with decades of random stuff! 

We buy with cash.  Yep, no bank appraisals or pesky FHA inspections.  That means we’re free to buy totally “As-Is”, and quickly.  We can also buy in a couple other low stress ways, which may be ideal depending on your needs – we’ll go over all of that when we talk about options.

We use an outstanding title company.  And everything he handled through them. You deal with them directly throughout the transaction, and it’s their job to protect you!  We’ve completed many dozens of transactions with them over the years, and again, our track record speaks for itself.  They are true professionals on a mission to make your selling experience the best possible.  They can even send a notary to you anywhere in the United States, so you can sign from anywhere you like!

We’re able to help with challenging circumstances.  That includes difficult divorces where both sellers cannot have direct contact with each other.  Not a problem, we and our title company know how to protect the privacy and interests of both sellers in challenging and unfortunate circumstances. 

We know rentals.  Tired landlord?  Problematic tenants?  Had enough of OR-608?  Decided it’s time to get out of land lording? Ready to cash out your rentals and get into new properties? No problem, we’ve dealt with all of these situations and many, many more.

We have years of experience working with probate cases.  That’s right.  We’ve helped many sellers going through the probate process or dealing with inherited properties, and we can help.  We understand what you’re dealing with and going through, and we can make the process easier and less costly for you.

Dealing with pre-foreclosure?  We can help and, in many cases, stop the foreclosure altogether! 

We handle all the paperwork.  No need to enlist a broker or attorney to sell the house, (though you’re always welcome to enlist the services of either, or any other party to help you). 

Our offers are Honest!  Unlike some of the big national homebuyers out there, we NEVER hit you with a pile of hidden fees.  We will NEVER make you an inflated offer and charge you tens of thousands of dollars in "fees" to make money off of you.  Our offer IS our offer - Always!  

We keep you informed.  Throughout the process of buying your home we stay in communication with you and the title company to ensure all paperwork is completed on time, all steps are taken, and you’re always up to date on what is happening with the sale of your property. 

We care about your experience and will ask you to share your thoughts with others considering working with us.  That’s right, we’re willing to put our reputation on the line with every transaction and ask you to share your thoughts honestly and openly with others considering working with us.  There’s a reason our Testimonials page is filled with raving reviews, and we proudly have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.  In addition to appreciating raving reviews, we value constructive feedback as well.  Please, tell us how we could have made your experience better so we can serve future homeowners better! 

We can help with your move.  Need time after we close to get moved?  No problem.  Need movers?  We’ve got you covered.  Need a few personal items from a house you no longer live in?  Happy to send them to you!  You name the need, and we’ve probably helped someone with it before, so just tell us how we can help!

Need help finding your next home?  With 3 licensed Brokers on the team and a network of other outstanding Agents throughout the Northwest, we can help find that next house, apartment, or even mobile home in a park. 



How does selling to us work?


Step 1:  Let’s talk.  Let’s have a quick conversation about your property and your needs.  To determine what we can do for you, we’ll need to talk about the property, it’s condition, your timeframe for selling, and what you need from selling the property.  After that, we can figure out what options we can offer you. 


Step 2:  Discuss options and review the house.  After we look into the property a bit, let’s talk about what options we have available and see if working together will be a good fit. If it’s not a good fit, then let’s see what we can do to help you find the right solution.  If it is going to be a good solution for you, then we can go over the paperwork and walk through the property. 


Step 3:  Sell you house.  We will open escrow and have the title company contact you.  We’ll keep in contact with you and the title company throughout the process to ensure everything goes smoothly and all necessary steps are taken so we can close on time. 

We’ll do everything we can to make the whole process as easy and quick as possible for you!


Where do we buy? 


It’s a pretty big area!  We’ve successfully worked with sellers as far south as Klamath falls, as far north as Monroe WA and all the way out to the coast.  (And yes, we spend a lot of time in our cars!)  In a small town?  No problem.  Own a ranch or farm property?  Happy to work with you. 

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